Antique Furniture: An Introduction


Antique furniture is a tangible key to our past that tells our history. As times changed, it wasn’t just clothing whose style evolved, furniture saw an equally drastic shift in style. The elaborate wood designs of Victorian furniture made way for the geometric shapes and chrome of Art Deco. But no matter the current trend, one thing has remained consistent throughout history: antique furniture is highly sought after.

So what has made antique furniture a centuries long obsession? Perhaps it’s that today’s furniture rarely displays the craftsmanship and attention to detail that often make antique pieces so unique. Many seek out antique furniture knowing that a particle board bookcase from Ikea can’t (and probably shouldn’t) hold a match to a Gustav Stickley bookcase. There are even those who seek antique furniture as an investment, knowing its value will increase. Others might seek out pieces that evoke memories, a pie safe like the one at grandma’s or a sideboard like mom used to display Thanksgiving feast. Of course, the answer could be as simple as the thrill of the hunt.

Whatever reason you have for seeking an antique, always keep these helpful tips in mind. Is it the right size for your space? Will the piece compliment what’s already in the room? Does it inspire a redesign? If functionality is required, does the piece meet your standards? Most importantly, as interior designer Bunny Williams says, “if you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”

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