Antique Trends: What’s Hot

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Buying trends at Heart of Ohio: Mid-Century Modern furniture and industrial are all the rage with millennials. Baby boomers regularly seek out Roy Rogers or space themed memorabilia. Everyone is looking for artwork, though the styles are sure to vary. If Martha Stewart or Country Living feature an item, we know it won’t be long until we see it fly off the shelves at the Heart.

The Asheford Institute of Antiques, founded in 1966, offers a course of study “geared specifically toward successful entrepreneurship in the field of antiques, collectibles, and professional-level appraising.” Throughout 2016, current and former students working within the antique industry were surveyed about their experiences with current selling trends. Using this collected information, The Asheford Institute composed a list determining the most popular genres separated by a breakdown of age groups.

Some of the survey’s findings were unsurprising; antiquers aged 20-38 are most likely to seek out Mid-Century while the average antiquer aged 58-78 will hunt for Victorian-era pieces. It was also interesting to see where some of the groups buying trends would coincide: the groups aged 20-38 and 38-58 are both very interested in space memorabilia.

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