Antique Furniture: An Introduction

Antique furniture is a tangible key to our past that tells our history. As times changed, it wasn’t just clothing whose style evolved, furniture saw an equally drastic shift in style. The elaborate wood designs of Victorian furniture made way for the geometric shapes and chrome of Art Deco. But no matter the current trend, […]

Zeus Rules!

A trip to Heart of Ohio isn’t complete without a quick stop by the office to see Zeus. Who is Zeus? He’s a Labrador Chow mix, adopted from an animal rescue by the Heart’s owners, Bruce and Vivalyn Knight. From his first day at the Heart Zeus has stood diligently in the office entryway greeting […]

What Is An Antique? A Quick Definition

Have you ever asked yourself “what is an antique?” For centuries the word “antique” was defined loosely as an old item, of value due to its historical significance, beauty or uniqueness. But “old” is a subjective term, what’s old to a 16 year old is not necessarily what is considered old to a 76 year […]

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