50 Plus Vintage Circus Postcard Collection



An album collection of vintage circus postcards, a few photos, pamphlet, and a magazine article.  A variety of sizes.  This collection came from a man who made miniature models of circus carts and train cars for model train collectors.  He used photos and post cards as reference for making miniature models.  Collection includes:

8 ¾” by 5 ½” Postcards

Schlitz 40 Horse Hitch, 1971 Barnum and Bailey Columbia Bandwagon, The Swan Bandwagon, 1971 Pawnee Bell Bandwagon (Pocahontas Side), 1971 Cinderella Float, 1971 Old Woman’s Shoe Float, 1971 Mother Goose Float, 1971 Asia Wagon, 1971 Great Britain Bandwagon, 1971 Orchestmelochor Wagon, 1971 AL G. Barnes Baggage Wagon, 1971 Lion and Mirror Bandwagon, 1971 Gollmar Mirror Tableau Wagon, 1971 Charging Tiger Tableau Wagon

7” by 5 ½” Postcards

Schlitz Circus Parade, The America Wagon Schlitz Circus Parade

5 ½” by 3 ½” Postcards

1971 Pawnee Bills Wild West Show, Old Milwaukee Days July 1-4 Circus Parade, America Wagon, Kangaroo Cart, Golden Bros. Tableau, Cage #19, White and Gold Cage Wagon, Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Red Riding Hood and Peter Pumpkin Eater, France Wagon, Wagon #33, (2)The Beauty Tableau, 1921 Model T Ford Truck w/ Calliope, Dapple Grey Percherons and Train, Train Scene with Horse, (3)Loading and Unloading Carts, Freaks and Wonders with Horses, Pony Training, John and Mary Ruth Herriott Animal Trainers, Clown and Llama, Barnum and Bailey Ringling Brothers Posters, Overlooking Museum, Cage wagon Full of Kids, Royal Mail Coach, Sea Shell Tableau, Hagenbeck-Wallace wagon #10, 2 Elephants at Work, Ringling-Barnum Ticket Wagons-Miami, 1896 Poster of B and B Circus Horseless Carriage, Bell Wagon Carillon Chimes, Lion and Gladiator, Golden Age, Frank Cucksey, Wild Animal Cage #71, The Lions Bride, 2 Jester’s Calliope Wagon, Lion Tableau Wagon, Sig Sautelle Pony Wagon, Cage Wagon #110


7 ½” by 10” 2 different Black and White Milwaukee Schlitz Parade

3 ½” by 3 ½” 6 color photos of different circus coaches.

Also includes 1973 Ringling Museum Pass and 1973 Circus Model Builders Certificate, 1970’s Circus Hall of Fame Sarasota Florida Pamphlet, “Here Comes The Circus” magazine article.

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