Large Vintage Circus Black and White Photo Collection-Includes Circus Tickets



Barnum & Bailey, Ringling Brothers, Beatty & Cole Bros.

An album collection of vintage circus collectibles.  Mostly black and white photos with some tickets and a few post cards.  A variety of sizes.  This collection came from a man who made miniature models of circus carts and train cars for model train collectors.  He used photos and post cards as reference for making miniature models.  Collection includes:

5×7 Photos

John Ringling, Merle Evans, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Train Car, Ringling Bros. Posters On Wall, #29 Big Top Bandstand, #129 Side Show Calliope, #119 Side Show Canvas Poles and Panels, #43 Ringling Bros. , Bird/Small Animals Cages Wagon, Flats at Winter quarters, Great Bell Wagon, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Opening Spectacular, #43 Lighting Equipment Train Car, 1956 Beatty Circus Train, #90 Big Top Canvas, #84 Wardrobe, Bibles and Ring Gear, Number 85 Performers Props, #42 Generator Wagon, #82 Trunks-2 Wagons of Beatty’s Cats, (2)Ticket Wagons, Midway, Menagerie Top and Small Showcases, Side Show Top Canvas and Poles, Menagerie Top Canvas and Poles, Clyde Beatty Circus World Tours Vehicle.

3 ½ x 4 ¾ Photos

1969 Clyde Beatty and Cole Bros. Circus, Big Top Marquee, Band Stand and Spec Entrance, Generator, The Great Munoz, (2) Performing Cat Cages, Arena Fun, Cook Tent, Cook Wagon, Chow Time, Flag’s Up, (2) Spec Floats, (4) Pumpkin Float, Bibles and Stringers, Safety Chain, Elephant Wagon, Elephant Work Harness, (2) Tent, Ropes, (7) Under Big Top

Post Cards

1.Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie with some writing on the back.  6” by 9”. Post marked from Florida.

2.Black and White vintage Spencer Brothers Circus 3 ½” by 5”

Circus Tickets

6 Kay Brothers Circus Tickets, Fisher Brothers Circus, Bell Brothers Circus, Robbins Bros. Circus, Camel Brothers Circus


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